Friday, May 2, 2014

Celebrate all Accomplishments!

Have you ever taken the time to look back at all you have accomplished?  Well I did just that when I was writing my Races & Bling page.  I figured if I am going to be true to myself and obtaining my goals moving forward a BQ this year and my first 50 miler I should look back on my running journey thus far.  I was surpassed at how many races I have done.  I don't think I realized how many.  Each one has taught me something different about myself.  Some were surprising, like the Hoof it for Hatit 5K, I came in 4th in my age group!

But I'll tell you it takes a lot of guts to post all of your races, times and paces.  So if you see someone who does it on their blog, give them a shout out, because it's not always sunshine and roses. Some races and finishes are just terrible.  I know when I was working on my page I wanted to write my reasons for my crappy times, like it was 85 degrees in March, (DC Marathon) or I fell in a pot hole (Hartford Half 2013).  But don't we all have excuses for things that happen in life when they are less than perfect?  Even my 13 year old comes up with great excuses for a poor quiz grade or not handing in home work.  But my mantra has always been...
You can stress about the weather.  Track the 10 day forecast everyday up until race day.  But honestly it's out of your control.  So be prepared.  Train even when it's raining, run on the snow covered roads....if there's a chance it could be better run in the heat because it just might be hot on race day, look at Boston in 2012, 90 degrees in April!  No one ever gets the perfect day.  Ok maybe some do, but it doesn't happen often so you better be prepared for whatever race day brings you and celebrate when you do get that magical day!
A rainy 8 miler :)
What are your running mantras?  Do you train for all "what if scenarios"?  Have a great Friday!