Races and Bling!

I started my running journey in 2009 as a whim to check running a half marathon off my bucket list.  I was told once by a trainer that I was not a runner and I should just forget that idea all together.  2 trainers later.  I ran my first half marathon, starting from not being able to even run a mile!  As you can see I proved that trainer wrong!  Don't ever let anyone tell you, you cannot do something! Work hard and be the best you can be!

Greater Hartford 1/4 Marathon 4.4.09 {54:43 pace 8:22}

Long Branch N.J. Half Marathon 5.3.09 {1:52:43 pace 8:36 }

Stratton Faxon Fairfield Half Marathon 6.28.09 {2:12:40 pace 10:07}

ING Hartford 5K 10.10.09 {27:02 pace 8:42}

Philadelphia Half Marathon 11.22.09 {1:54:33 pace 8:44}

Bob Andrulis Memorial SweetHeart 5mi Run 2.13.10 {45:43 pace 9:08}

Covered Bridges Half Marathon, Woodstock VT 6.6.10 {1:58:04 pace 9:00}

Litchfield Hill Road Race, Litchfield CT 6.13.10 {1:04:28 pace 9:04}

Hilton Head Island Firecracker 5000, 5K 7.4.10 {26:56 pace 8:40}

35th Run Around the Block 15K, Block Island RI 9.11.10 {1:24:41 pace 9:04}

ING Hartford Half Marathon 10.9.10 {1:58:34 pace 9:03}

Newtown Turkey Trot 5K 11.25.10 {26:37 pace 8:34}

Napa Valley Marathon, Napa CA 3.6.11{4:33:20 pace 10:25}

Hoof It for Haiti 5K, Southbury CT 4.30.11 {25:47 pace 8:17}

Run Like a Mother 5K, Ridgefield CT 5.8.11 {24:54 pace 8:00}

ING Hartford Half Marathon 10.15.11 {2:02:02 pace 9:18}

SunTrust Rock & Roll USA Marathon, Washington D.C. 3.17.12 {4:45:16 pace 10:53}

Boston Marathon- 4.15.13- DNF- Stopped at Mile 25.9 projected finish time {40K Split 4:09:00 pace 10:01}
Best race day ever!
My daughter made me a medal when she heard that I didn't get one.  #bestblingever
Boston Athletic Association 10K 6.23.13 {55:34 pace 8:56}

Hartford Half Marathon 10.12.13 {2:10:44 pace: 9:59}
Believing you can is half the battle. Pictured with my 2 besties and
my hubby, all their first 1/2 marathon! I was like a proud mother hen!

Boston Marathon 4.21.14 {4:57:24 pace: 11:21}
It was crazy hot! 72 degrees, It wasn't the time I had hoped for, but I
crossed that finish line and claimed back my run!
Ragnar Relay, Providence to Cape Cod 5.10.14
I ran 3 legs: 10, 5 and 8, at 7pm, 4am, 1pm respectively.
The Great Harvard 4th of July Race, Harvard MA 7.4.14  {46:39 9:19}
First road race with this amazing lady who would become my 2015 Boston training partner.
Around Cape Ann 25K, Gloucester MA- 9.1.14  {2:43:21 10:31}

Another hot race morning on race day...temps reached into the 80's with over 60% humidity. JOY. This race is deemed MORE Hills than Miles....

Run for the Hills 5K, Harvard MA 9.7.14 {29:25 9:28}

Boston Marathon, Boston MA 4.20.15 {4:19: 9:54}

The Great Harvard 4th of July Race, Harvard MA 7.4.15  {44:56 9:00}

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