Meet Deana!

Hi~ I'm Deana a 40 something mom of three little's ranging in ages from 7-13.  I am a self admitted shoe addict and Marathon runner with 4 marathons, 9 half-marathons and 1 ragnar relay under my belt.  I enjoy running (obviously...because who would be crazy enough to run 4 marathons if they didn't love it), meal planning, crafting and spending time with my hubs.

I didn't start running until January of 2009 and at that time I could not even run a mile.  I ran my first half marathon in May of that year and ran my first marathon in Napa CA in March of 2011 in honor of my 40th birthday.  Since then I have never looked back.  Running is now apart of my lifestyle and has shaped who I am on so many levels.  My hubby ran his first 10K  and 1/2 marathon last year.  It has been my greatest pleasure to share my love of running with him.  My goal for the next year is to run a 50 mile ultra.  

I have a pretty impressive shoe collection (hence the name of the blog) and love being "that mom" who wears high heels instead of Tevas not that there is anything wrong with that!  A good cup of coffee and a fantastic glass of red wine are my simple pleasures.  I love to entertain, cook and make little things like birthdays and holidays super special for the family.  I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who works as a consultant for an insulin pump company.  I love working with patients and helping them manage their diabetes.  

But the hardest job by far is being a wife and mom.  There are no guidelines or job promotions in motherhood.  No job reviews to tell you "Wow! Your doing great, keep up the good work".  It can be the most frustrating and rewarding job all in the same day.  But I would not change it even on the bad days.  My intention for this blog is to share my life juggling motherhood, marriage, marathon and ultra marathon training with all the funny, crazy and everything in between.  I hope you will read, comment, come back to visit often and feel inspired.

Cheers ~ xoxo ~

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