Thursday, June 5, 2014


I don't know what is wrong lately but I just can't shake the feeling of exhaustion no matter how much sleep I get.  It seems things are coming at me 90 miles a minutes, keeping up with three little ones schedules, year end hoopla etc is draining.  I succumbed to having a physical this week.  Which I was 6 months over due.   I told her I was exhausted all the time.  Her answer to me was "Welcome to your 40's."  Well that wasn't what I wanted to hear.  All my blood work came back normal, which is good I guess although it is rather frustrating.  I work out, eat reasonably well and feel like crap.  How is that fair.

I don't know if my body is just rebelling against me.  I went through something similar after my first marathon.  I ran the marathon, a half marathon and a few 5K's and then I hit a wall.  Exhausted tired.  I didn't exercise etc.  They thought I had lyme or some other tick borne illness.  It finally passed but my summer was plagued with exhaustion.  This winter I trained for the Boston Marathon and ran that April 21st.  On May 8-9 I ran the Ragnar Cape Cod race and logged another 23 miles racing. Almost another marathon.  Maybe I just pushed by body over the edge?  The Ragnar wrecked me. (which I have a post started on that race) I was exhausted for over a week.  You don't realize how much the no-sleep and being awake for 23+ hours can wreck you.  Plus it's not like I have no responsibilities once I got back.  Life continued to move at it's hectic pace.  I had to dive right back in.

So what do I do?  I feel like a slug.  I'm slated to start my training for my newest goal- my first 50 mile ultra in the fall.  But my body is telling me something else.  I had hopes of also pulling a BQ this fall.  But as of right now I'm not on top of my game.  Have you ever just needed a break?  But I'm afraid to stop.  I'm afraid of not going back.  Exercise and running are a part of who I am.  They keep me sane but right now my body says slow down.

What would you do?  Suggestions please.

xo~ deana

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